About the Artist

I'm a professional Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I love animation, comics, drawing, gaming and creating characters and worlds.

I currently work with Agency 1903 as an Art Director and Illustrator, and HOUSE15143 as their Illustrator/Graphic Designer in Pittsburgh, PA. In the past I've also worked as a Graphic Designer for American Eagle Outfitters. I also enjoy taking on an extra commissioned Illustration or Logo design side project or two, so if my work looks like what you need, get in touch! (Details below)

I graduated from LaRoche College cum laude in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Graphic & Communication Design, and from SCAD with a Master of Arts in Illustration Design.

My husband and I travel around the Northeastern states to comic and anime conventions, selling in the Artist Alleys. 

You can download my full resumé by clicking here.


Commission Information

Looking to get a custom illustration for your own? On a normal case-by-case basis, and at any and all conventions, I can accept a number of commissions. Digital or traditional mixed media. Common sizes are 8.5x11 and 11x17 inches, or Sketchcards measuring at 2.5x3.5 inches. If you'd like a different size, contact me and we can work out details. Commission Contact: jaisamp.art@gmail.com

  • 1 character/person, Inked (if requested): $75

+ $30 per additional character/person

+ $15 for color

+ $15 for background

  • Sketchcard (colored, if requested) [2.5x3.5 inches]: $15